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Sale Details

Regular Sale
Start:     Thu, Sep 19, 2019 09:00 AM
Location:     Dryland Cattle Trading - Veteran, AB




Thursday September 19th, 2019

Total Head Listed: 104

We have 11 head of calves, 0 pre-weigh

We have 11 head of yearlings, 0 pre-weigh

We have 84 head of cows & bulls



         SELLER                 HEAD            TYPE                PEN

  1. Linda Whitlow                   11             MCLF                        104

  2. Calvin Powell                       4             YRLG                         105

  3. Craig Tkach                           1             YBULL                         A5

  4. Sharp Hills Ranch &

    Clint Hayworth                    3             YHFR                          103

  5. Chad Weber                         3              YSTR                          103


Regular Sale  
Slaughter Cows and Bulls, 
Feeders - 

Feeders are sold as Preweighed Lots and Overnights

Fawcett Cattle Co

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